Kadarbiku also offers pureed soups to its customers. At this time, the selection includes carrot, beetroot and sauerkraut pureed soup. Soups are packaged in convenient 0.33 l bottles and are ready to eat. Just pour the soup into a suitable container, heat it up and eat immediately.

Soups are made using natural ingredients and are free from preservatives. One portion (330 ml) contains, on average, just 100 kcal. Soups are made from carrots, beetroot and cabbage grown on Kadarbiku’s fields. Soups are free from gluten and lactose.

To eat the soup, pour it out of the package and heat it to the required temperature in the microwave or on a stovetop. The soup does not need to be boiled. You can add other ingredients to taste – parmesan, seeds, croutons, bacon.

Kadarbiku’s soups are free from preservatives, so they must be stored at the temperature +2 – +6 ˚C.